Frame description

The frame of digital painting includes 4 selections:

Frameless: Canvas, Paintbrush, Paint Manual

Inner frame (DIY frame): canvas, paintbrush, pine wood frame, paint, fixed easel accessories, manual

Aluminum frame: canvas, paintbrush, pine wood frame (DIY assembling) Aluminum frame (DIY assembling), paint, fixed easel accessories, manual

Stretched canvas: easel (the frame has been assembled and the canvas has been stretched on the frame), paintbrush, paint, fixed easel accessories, manual

PS: The number of brushes is 10

The following is a reference picture:

Frameless components:

Inner frame (DIY frame) components:

Pine inner frame:

Aluminum alloy frame (pine inner frame + aluminum alloy outer frame):

Inner frame, aluminum alloy frame packaging:

Stretch canvas and packaging:

How to use seamless nails: